My Favorite Cop-Out

Clearly I have other things to be doing than writing limericks about this year’s ballot initiatives. Here is a linky-post for your amusement, so you know I haven’t been eaten by a hippie.

  • Wolfangel has a chewy and kinda scary post on the rhetoric of depression:

    I am tired; I am sad; I am not doing what I need to do. These are all fine and acceptable; these are the ways everyone talks about depression. I do not say how actually I hate myself. I do not say how I feel I deserve only bad things. I do not say how I feel I am such a terrible person that this badness inevitably stains anyone around me.

    The word “medicalization” is wandering about in my head, looking for something to connect with.

  • Hugo feels guilty for not being an infinite curiosity machine:

    I once read a novel — I can’t remember what it was — where the protagonist takes a woman on a first date to a museum. The date makes polite noises, but doesn’t seem swept by the same things that move the main character. The narrator says something like “She was the hopeless sort of museum-goer, the type less interested in the sublime and the magnificent than in knick-knacks from the bookstore and a hot cup of coffee and something sweet from the cafe.” I read that, and thought “Uh oh. That’s me, always has been, likely always will be!”

    I asked my local aspiring museologist about museum fatigue, and he immediately got very excited about architecture. Suffice it to say that this sort of thing is largely a design problem.


  1. wolfangel wrote:

    I am not sure if I should be grateful or frightened. Chewy?

  2. Dave wrote:

    It depends on the type of museum I think! Natural History / Science museums are great. Art museums? Err, not really my type of thing.
    By the way, are you by chance going to the talk for the 1906 lecture series tomorrow evening?

  3. yami wrote:

    Wolfa: Grateful, I think. It was meant in a sort of thoughtful-cud-chewy sort of way. Maybe that’s scary, I don’t know.
    Dave: I generally find that natural history museums are either pitched at way too low a level, or they’re of the old school with the intimidating (and fatiguing) array of Rocks and Fossils and Stuff.
    I’ll probably be at the lecture, but it depends how quickly the homework gets done tomorrow…

  4. wolfangel wrote:

    Well, I will take it as a marginally weird compliment.
    And I love museums. Science museums are too kid-aimed, but aquariums are not, and they still have lots of the same cool stuff.

  5. Dave wrote:

    I’ll be going myself actually. Will be heading across the bay later this afternoon.
    If you get your homework done and show up, you might see a tall nerdy guy wearing blue jeans, carrying a kind of beat up yellowish Jansport backpack and a black Northface beanie and a goatee. You should say hi!

  6. yami wrote:

    Alas! There was much homework. But let me know the next time you’re in the area

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