Friday iTunes iChing: Guantanamo

O great iTunes, if you have not yet withdrawn your sight from Washington D.C. the way God has withdrawn from Dover and Bill O’Reilly has withdrawn from San Francisco, tell me: will Congress really suspend the writ of habeas corpus in Guantanamo Bay?

The key.

  1. The Covering: New Creation – Let The River Flow
  2. The Crossing: Golden Ball – Il Giganté
  3. The Crown: Noe Venable – In Memoriam

    when she takes out
    her trusty switchblade
    Maddy can bring
    enormous men to their knees

  4. The Root: Water music, No 3 – Allegro
  5. The Past: Hedningarna – Tuuli
  6. The Future: Fairport Covention, Kind Fortune
  7. The Questioner: Vivaldi, Concerto in C Major for Two Trumpets, PV 75 – Allegro
  8. The House: Hedningarna – Räven
  9. The Inside: Chumbawamba – Without Rhyme or Reason (The Killing of Harry Stanley)
  10. The Outcome: Smølferne – Smølfedisko

Kind Fortune is about a boy who gets the girl by threatening to kill himself. For the Questioner, I get the concerto I performed as a senior showcase in high school. The House is deciding whether a strange apparition is a woman or a fox, and the Inside is, indeed, exactly what I’m afraid of here. And the outcome – dancing smurfs? Other than that there’s death and deceit all over. I think we’re doomed, but will decide not to care.


  1. jensen wrote:

    Ever seen the site

  2. yami wrote:

    But of course! I too have been Touched by Hir* Noodly Appendage.
    *Like all religions, Pastafarianism has been tainted by patriarchy. This can be thwarted by a sufficient quantity of silly pronouns.

  3. Dave Schumaker wrote:

    Haha! I love reading your iTunes versions of tarot cards. I really think iTunes (and even my iPod) can read minds/moods.
    There was nothing spookier than coming back from Berkeley one afternoon via BART and boarding the Daly City train… only to realize that out of 5,000 songs, “Daly City Train” by Rancid randomly started playing shortly after I sat down.
    Well at least if there’s death and deceit all over, we can all die listening to music we like.

  4. yami wrote:

    I love how songs take on different resonances when you’ve lived (/are living) in the places they talk about. I should put together a Bay Area playlist one of these days…

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