The Shoppingest Friday iTunes iChing of the Year

Dear iTunes: Do you think I should participate in the crass commercialism of the holiday season?

  1. The Covering: Edith Piaf – Partance
  2. The Crossing: Loretta Kelley – Ingjen Fugle Fyke Sa Hagt
  3. The Crown: Low – California
  4. The Root: The Be Good Tanyas – Horses
  5. The Past: Stones in the Field – Trip To Durrow/My Love Is In America (Reels)
  6. The Future: La Rejouissance – Handel, Music for the Royal Fireworks
  7. The Questioner: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – The Phantom of the Opera
  8. The House: Tarras – Magnadoodle
  9. The Inside: Cherish the Ladies – Rambling Irishman
  10. The Outcome: The 101 – Never In

As usual, here’s the key.

So: this is America, dammit, but nevertheless everybody will be happy no matter what. ITunes seems to think that I’ve never managed to make an adequate entrance into consumer culture anyway, so I might as well continue in my deviant hippie ways. Except for whoever it is that wants a Magnadoodle.

Search Requests

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  • What is meant by the pink-collar?
  • alien+sex+slave
  • slogan birth control we two our two
  • what comes out of lived rock

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