For Shame, Beeboid!

I am increasingly disenchanted with the BBC’s science coverage. The fact that geochronology is full of tricksy and often immensely dull technical details doesn’t mean the method of conflicting quotes is a reasonable approach, or that one ought to attribute the opinions of scientists to the journal in which they are published. Also, claiming that Paul Renne is at Stanford?

Most people fail to grasp institutional rivalries outside their home regions, so perhaps the reporter didn’t understand how much of an insult that is. But still: hmph!


  1. John Vidale wrote:

    I thought Berkeley was a branch of Stanford, just with fewer Nobel Laureates and a better football team?

  2. yami wrote:

    Oooh! Zing!

  3. John Vidale wrote:

    Just kidding, of course, many tremendous Earth Scientists at Berzerkley! (Probably should have posted that anonymously.)

  4. yami wrote:

    Oh, it’s all in good fun – that’s what rivalries are for, anyway.

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