1. Why are all the interesting talks at 8 in the morning? And at the Marriott? Let’s send the space physicists over there instead, or reserve it as punishment for people who can’t have a technical conversation for more than 5 minutes that doesn’t involve post-perovskite.
  2. The wireless “access” is just sad. Don’t they understand that geophysicists need to download lots and lots of pr0ns data when they’re at professional conferences?
  3. If I said I was bored of Sumatra, how much face would I lose?

The Lorenz Lecture: Boolean Delay Equations as a novel form of chaos (neat!), and an odd amount of credulousness w.r.t. Keilis-Borok. My seismolab companion stared derisively at that one as well, so I feel like my instincts have been vindicated. Pretty pictures aside, I stand firm in my belief that chaos theory is no longer a suitable way to dazzle cute grad students at AGU.

ME!: I’ll be at my poster (T23B-0539, snuck in with the work on real geothermal resources, haha, suckers!) circa 2:30-3:30, if any Gentle Geophysical Readers want to test modern techniques of cute-grad-student-dazzling, or just hang out until the beer arrives.


  1. Dave wrote:

    Ignore my question about AGU in your other post! I see it was answered it here. Hah. Are you there every day?

  2. yami wrote:

    In theory, yes. In practice, I might skive off a day to do homework. I need to figure out the boringest part.

  3. Wren wrote:

    Hah. All the talks I want to see are sensibly in the 10:20 and 1:40 sessions.
    I would like to find whoever scheduled the biogeo talks simultaneously with the frontiers of high pressure research talks and beat them.

  4. yami wrote:

    Why? Who cares when all the boring talks are?

  5. John Vidale wrote:

    Bored of Sumatra and post-perovskite? Yes and yes. No comment on the kudos from the former Director of my Institute for a member of it, I missed that talk.
    Nice poster. I meant to bring up blogs, but your audience seemed too interested in science.

  6. yami wrote:

    Thanks! Hopefully my deference to th’ Internal Skeptic didn’t undermine the message too much. Having an audience interested in science is good for the morale, for sure.

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