My head is full of Science! It’s leaking out my ears, and kind of hurts.

Poster-standing-by duties were fun, if exhaustingly people-oriented. I can chat up strangers, and I can talk shop, but trying to charm new people by talking shop with them is synergistically more energy-intensive than either form of conversation alone.

One person who stopped by to chat was affiliated with the Institute for Creation Research. Having that on your badge is kinda like having a huge booger hanging off your nose – politely ignoring it seemed like the best option.

I remain undazzled by any trendy maths or novel geeky flirting tactics*, but then again I skipped the potentially interesting nonlinear geophysics sessions in favor of hydrothermal systems. Wireless access was better today, though still not great. The beer line was a mile long when my poster vigil ended, so I went to a couple talks; when the talks were done there was no more beer. OH TEH NOES MY BEERS!!1! An armful of free pens and post-it notes was very little consolation.

BARTing home, I sat by some early adolescent youth, who were about averagely rambunctious for their age. They were shushed rather loudly by two people, neither of who understood the correct use of the word “please” (hint: it doesn’t become suddenly ungrammatical when used with those you percieve as your social inferiors). Pfah.

*Okay, the (Mg,Fe)7Si8O22(OH)2? shirt was pretty good, but I wasn’t the intended audience.

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