Friday iTunes iChing: Jurassic Utah Edition

O Frabjous Oracle, was the deformation observed in the Carmel and Entrada formations of Utah caused by an impact at Upheaval Dome?

Shooka shooka! The party shuffle plays shuffleboard…

  1. The Covering: Celtic Night – Live – Dust Rhinos
  2. The Crossing: The Short Tempered Claivier – P.D.Q. Bach
  3. The Crown: Toute cette histoire – Louise Attaque
  4. The Root: The Lincolnshire Poacher – Madfiddler
  5. The Past: The Ben Gunn Theme- The Ben Gunn Society
  6. The Future: Don’t Bury Me – I See Hawks in L.A.
  7. The Questioner: Rambling Irishman – Cherish The Ladies
  8. The House: En At Tygge På – Laura Illeborg
  9. The Inside: On And On And On- ABBA
  10. The Outcome: The Jolly Beggarman – Cherish The Ladies

Well, the Crown is a very good omen indeed – the whole story is there in the rocks, if we’re patient and clever enough to read it. The question is whether observed liquefaction features were generated in a single impact, or over the course of many earthquakes. Detailed stratigraphy, in particular as regards unconformities, will be important – and iTunes claims that others are interested in the question (“En At Tygge På” = “one to chew on”). Or perhaps it’s just the psychic influence of our resident Impact Guy.

The Outcome is a song about a farmer’s daughter who sleeps with a passing beggar, and is “quite undone”. There are layers and omens and portents here I don’t understand, but I’m going to call it as ambiguously in favor of seismogenic liquefaction.

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