Easy glide

No one is allowed to stop talking about Brokeback Mountain until the Oscars. Which is fine by me, but only because this reading should score me some points in the House of Applied Queer Theory:

The idealization of the Lady (or queer love/assfucking) is a way of occluding the Other. In courtly love, the traumatic Other is the lady. In readings of Brokeback Mountain, the traumatic Other is queer love/assfucking.

However, it is not simply that the Lady isn’t real, that she doesn’t really represent what women really are. And, thus, it is not simply that the assfucking isn’t real, that it doesn’t really represent assfucking – an easy glide assfucking that could only be enacted by the whore of Babylon or someone who’d been fisted by a bear for hours prior to the assfucking.

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