Oh Look, the “Jobs for Men” Section

Someone’s been turning the stairwells of my building into gender-segregated classifieds. The poster on the avant garde of the Jobs for Men section depicts a woman grabbing a man’s wallet pocket, with the text “She will really want the junk in your trunk* / The average guy working for us next summer will earn $25,000”. And then some crap about signing bonuses and the company web site, and a heavy dose of X-treeem graphic design.

I tried to watch the promotional video, to see if the X-treem male targeting continued, but was foiled by technical difficulties after the opening riff from an edgy, youthful, X-treeeeeeem electric guitar. That X-treem graphics and power-surfer-guitar music are being used to recruit burglar alarm salesmen** is quite injurious enough to my sense of irony, so I’m really glad I didn’t find any silly fine print about equal opportunity employment.

*I leave the offensive gold-digger stereotype unremarked, both because it’s an unsportingly easy target and because I have to leave soon for my 80% male engineering class. Today’s just a bad gender day.
**There were token testimonials from saleswomen on the site, but not enough to challenge the obvious targeting of this company’s recruitment efforts.

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