… if I wanted to have one of those, an oh-my-god what-the-fuck barbecue, at my house, what supplies would I need? Other than a grill and some charcoal and lighter fluid and food, which are obvious. Lollerskates? Condoms? Religious kitsch? Whiskey and some ballroom dance?

Help me out here; I think this could be a worthy contribution to the hipster tradition of nerdy social commentary theme parties, but with just a barbecue, it would be lacking.


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    You can’t plan for an OMGWTF BBQ, because the definitive feature of this BBQ type is that it catches you completely by surprise, at the time when you least expect, or want, a BBQ to occur.

    For example, you fail your morning exam. Then you go to meet your partner for lunch only to find him/her snogging the waiter. After walking out on them, you are harrassed by drunk hippies, fervorous mormons, arrogant fratboys, and pious do-gooders on your way home. When you finally get there, you have 50 people in your front yard. And a pit full of blazing charcoal. And your pet goat, on a spit, slowly turning.


  2. wolfa wrote:

    Tiki lanterns! Everything tiki. Including, and most epecially, a pufferfish lamp.

  3. Amanda wrote:

    It might be a bit too obvious and cheesy, but I’d recommend one of those life-size inflatable Edvard Munch screaming figures. That might lend a certain “OMGWTF?!” air to the proceedings.

  4. Sadiqur Rahman wrote:

    Lmao. this is cool

  5. BaLlS iN uR mOuTh wrote:

    get a dude get t-baged with hairy sweaty balls on his face!!\!!1111111111!!!!?

  6. Jumptown Inflatibles wrote:

    why don’t you just have a normal bbq or am I out of place saying that?

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