Friday Cat Blogging: Holy Shit I Have Cats!

Well, technically, the cats belong to my housemate. Which means that I get to live with cats, but don’t have to clean up their poop.

For those of you who don’t understand how excited I am about this, you should understand that I spend my entire childhood begging for a cat. Then when I left for college, I was replaced by a taciturn shelter kitty. Anyway, here’s Phoebe, the Feline Attention Whore:
Unfortunately, I don’t have any good shots of her sitting in the hallway and meowing piteously for love, which is one of her absolute favorite activities. Nor do I have any of Bisley, the less-fat, less-klutzy, smaller, and frankly cuter cat who spends as much time as possible outside and is much less of an attention whore when she’s in. My camera, you see, has been acting up.

But, below the fold, the Friday iTunes iChing question of the week: How long until I find cat poop (or puke) in an unpleasant place?

  1. The Covering: Chumbawamba, Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)
  2. The Crossing: June Tabor, I Fought the Law [w/ the Oyster Band]
  3. The Crown: Fairport Convention, London Danny (
  4. The Root: Dust Rhinos, Jedi Drinking Test (Album Cut)
  5. The Past: Astor Piazzolla, Volver
  6. The Future: The USAF Concert Band – Johan de Meij, The Lord of the Rings Symphony, III: Lothlorien
  7. The Questioner: Flook, Beehive Set (The Beehive / Poon Hill / Vladimir’s Steamboat)
  8. The House: Dust Rhinos, Drowsy Maggie/When Will We Wed
  9. The Inside: Captain Tractor, Finnegan’s Wake
  10. The Outcome: Let’s Go Sailing, Heart Condition 100

Hmm. The Oracle is telling me not to get the cats drunk. Or maybe to keep them away from the catnip? No definitive word on when this’ll happen, but signs point to Bisley being the culprit, with both the Law and Lothlorien most relevant to outdoor cats.

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