Give Me That Old-Fashioned Heterosexual Privilege

I’d put aside my thoughts of fish and bicycles when I moved up here for school. But two weeks ago, I snuck up to Seattle for the weekend, to see the Boy. We were laying around in the funny glow of the last day of vacation, talking about everything and nothing (as you do), when the conversation took a turn for the mushy. Not the kind of mush whose words you ever want to write down, but the kind where language quickly decays into pure sentimentality.

It was enough to bring back the bicycles, so suddenly that I almost vomited.

He asked me what I was thinking; I told him; he said yes.

Expected party date: sometime after quals. No, I’m not changing my name or giving any money to DeBeers (though I am installing a permanent shunt from my bank account to Southwest Airlines).

Below the fold: What does the iTunes random number generator have to say about this?

  1. The Covering: Ramblin’ Rover – The Fables (A Time)

    But gie me a ramblin’ rover,
    And fae Orkney down to Dover.
    We will roam the country over
    And together we’ll face the world.

  2. The Crossing: Talk About Suffering/Man of the House – The Chieftains w/Ricky Skaggs (Further Down the Old Plank Road)
  3. The Crown: Trin For Trin – Onky – Vendt På Hovedet
  4. The Root: Autumn Child / Heaton Chapel – Lùnasa (Otherworld)
  5. The Past: Mushaboom – Feist (Let It Die)

    I got a man to stick it out
    And make a home from a rented house
    And we’ll collect the moments one by one
    I guess that’s how the future’s done

  6. The Future: Creative Freakout – The Hellers (Creative Freakout: Advertising Protest Songs for those who protesteth too much)
  7. The Questioner: Scrapple From The Apple – Mike Marshall (Into The Cauldron)
  8. The House: Time – Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon)
  9. The Inside: Clyde Davenport Tunes – Jenny In The Cotton Patch/ Sally In The garden/Callahan – Cordelia’s Dad (Spine)
  10. The Outcome: Suuret Ja Soriat [Tall and Handsome] – Värttinä (Seleniko)

    All others are graceful and handsome, but I am small and unsightly. I was made of charcoal and grime. Why was I ever born? Some day I will get a great bridegroom. He comes from the nether world and will not blame me for my appearance.

Verdict: we might accidentally turn into yuppies, if we’re not careful. But if I’m going to lose my soul to consumerism, at least I get a tall and handsome netherworlder in exchange.


  1. Brian (Jay) wrote:

    Heh. Congratulations!
    When do you expect quals, BTW?

  2. sciencewoman wrote:

    congratulations. :)

  3. kerrick wrote:

    Once again, congrats… and if I didn’t believe in divination anyway I’d expect you of cheating at iTunes. ;)

  4. yami wrote:

    Thanks :)

    Quals are next April/May for me, and a year to a year and half from now for him.

    I did cheat at iTunes, but only once. The real iTunes said we’re going to be pirates on the North Sea, at least until I kill my sister in a fit of jealousy and someone makes a harp from her bones. Which just goes to show what happens when your music library is full of love songs, pirate songs, and umpteen versions of the same ballad.

  5. des von bladet wrote:

    Hoorah for weddnings! Although they are certainly some work to arrange.

  6. Lab Lemming wrote:


  7. yami wrote:

    I’m certainly cowering in fear of the tulle monster and its flouncy teeth, but it should at least be enteratining for the Varied Reader.

  8. Lab Lemming wrote:

    If you do develop a desire for shiny rocks with unsurpassed hardness and thermal conductivity, you can always console yourself that DeBeers (aside from employing lots of geologists) does occasionally do a smidgeon of good.

  9. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    Late to the party here, but – congrats!

    (regarding accidentally turning into yuppies – homeownership did that to me. The other day I counted the number of decorative pillows I own: five. I don’t know how that happened.)

  10. yanesd wrote:

    Congratulations! awww, I remember that fateful turkey-day and playing with long hair fun…. hopefully your future together will continue to be yay long hair and turkeylishious.

  11. Dr. Shellie wrote:

    Lab Lemming– Actually, the spread of AIDS in Botswana (which has the highest HIV infection rate in the world) was facilitated by the travel of mine workers along the main highways, which were themselves constructed to transport De Beers diamonds from the mine to the city. Doesn’t that erase the smidgeon of good?

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