Joe Jonah Euclid and the End of the World

I spent today’s biorhythmic low shifting binders and junk from one bookshelf to another, claiming the primo desk before my new officemates arrive on campus. From my physics binder fell an eccentrically typeset sheet, with notes for a prelab exercise on the back that dated it to c. spring term 2000…

                  Joe Jonah Euclid

        Wednesday April 26,   thru recent days there was a Series of Messages
( in disguize) from the Court Ordered Conservatorship.
        What ie Means is that the Ct. Or. Conservatorship is giving their Loyality
to the Anti-Christ.   The Anti-Christ Tells them a false claim of what the Supposed
Issue is, and they believe the Anti-Christ on that.

        Possibly they will Percist until the Second Coming of Christ.
Then they will be sorry.  Then they will Know for Sure that they had been giving
their Loyality to the Anti-Christ.

        A Powerfull Vision From God/Goddess arrived Feburary 7, 186.
God/Goddess, Typically announced the 2 Conditions which we must fullfill.
The First condition is:"Give Up the Spellcraft*"
                                                                             * term recently introduced.
        The Anti-Christ people are Those who Refuse to Give Up Spellcraft,
yet they Value their Cover Stories of Claiming to be Christian and
the Version of Issues with me.

        No One Knows the Day that there will be the Second Coming of Christ Because
No one knows the Day that the Anti-Christ People will "Give Up Spellcraft" and
the Day when we fullfill the 2ed Condition.  A Mere Symbolic Act.

                       THE END OF THE WORLD

        Think:  The Bible Concerns Spiritual Matters.
There is quite some overlap between Mentalism and  Spirituality.
In the Practices of Mentalism there is the Distinction between The-Map and
The-Territory.   The Map is not the Territory.
        The Map is our verbal description of what we claim the reality to be.
The Anti-Christ People have A Map which says taht they will go on and on being in control.
Year after year, without limit.   But they cannot achieve the wo B.D.S.C.
But they cannot achieve the Without Bizarre Disastors, Senseless Crimes.

        Everything they do in Spellcraft has bad side effects and 
those Bad Side Effects ARE the B.D.S.C.   God's Law forbids Spellcraft.

        Thru 1990, 1991, 1992, etc, I kept telling women that we cannot use Spellcraft
to Fight Back against the Powerfull Pseudochristians(Patriarchy).
One Woman said "No."   I remember just where we were standing when we had that talk.
I didn't see her for months.  When I saw her again, she said that she had just
gotten out of the Hospital for anexoria nervosia.
        So,  having Two Sides Both Using Spellcraft meant that she got anoxeria nervosia.
Last time I saw her I was riding a free shuttlebus and she was AT the bus stop
of the Hospital.   I figured that If I got off, then the Anti-Christ People would 
Promote a False Claim of too much interest in a young woman.   So, I didn't get off
the bus to talk with her more.

        There is an edge of the map,  and then, in the time dimension, a new Map.
The New Map is First they Give Up Spellcraft, as God/Goddess wants.
Then the Second coming of Christ.  An Invisible set-up which is Drastically Good.
((  If It is the ONLY Good Thing of THAT MAGNITUDE happening that year, then
    people will Call it the Second Coming of Christ.))
All that in Only One City.  One City with the Basis for we B.D.S.C.
The rest of the world sees that They Want the wo B.D.S.C.

Much as I appreciate the presence of beloved Berkeley eccentrics like the Happy Happy Happy man, they just don’t post the same quality material on campus bulletin boards.


  1. b wrote:

    The “Happy Happy Happy” man? What is a sciencey type like you doing at southside?

    During my years at Berkeley, I tended to regard the campanile as sort of a lighthouse, warning of the treacherous shoals beyond.

  2. yami wrote:

    I live in Oakland, so I get off the bus at Sproul and walk through the flyer-petition-protest gauntlet every morning.

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