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Wednesday is blog carnival day! We have Carnival of the Feminists #21, Tangled Bank #60, and then there’s Carnival Against Sexual Violence #5 and The Scian Melt #20 which were actually out yesterday, but yesterday was not blog carnival day. We also have:

Meanwhile, over at the dust-up about whether the IAU will allow Pluto, Ceres, and Xena to be planets… Lab Lemming is probably right about the anti-Pluto conspiracy, and Stentor Danielson is is exactly right about the reason we care. Nature‘s editorial has a cute anecdote about British ministers and makes good use of the word “ructions”, but is pedantic, boring and wrong about everything else. Blogs 2, Traditional Media 0.

* It is the official opinion of this blog that Hans Island belongs to Denmark, because I have a bet going about it.


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    I get a bad link on Stenton. The Cryophobes probably cut him off…

  2. yami wrote:

    Oops! Fixed. Thanks.

  3. sciencewoman wrote:

    Forgive me but I am uniformed, what makes Hans Island Danish rather than Canadian? The article you linked to seemed to be rather undefintive.

  4. yami wrote:

    Well, a while ago Des and I decided we should bet a case of beer on the outcome of the dispute. Danish beer is pretty good, Canadian beer less so, so I bet on Denmark. Ergo, Hans Island is Danish.

  5. des von bladet wrote:


    In any case, my shiny new Sterrenwacht colleagues have all trooped off to Prague where the Pluto debate will be held; if I hear juicy details I’ll blog them, for sure. (It’s probably being live podcasted or something but that’s hardly _gossip_, is it?)

  6. kerrick wrote:

    To sum up, for folks who’d rather not parse the message-board link: Trans women have been allowed at Michfest before, but grudgingly. This time Lorraine actually got the ambiguous okay from Lisa Vogel, who denied there was ever a no-transwoman policy but said the fest was “expected” to be WBW space. Unlike previous occasions, when trans women entering fest openly were sometimes harassed, ejected, or simply aggressively ignored, Lorraie was welcomed. There was also a workshop on trans inclusion. So yes, progress. And progress I’m happy to see. But not a revolution, I don’t think.

    And now, as others have said before me, to continue working on trans issues and also work on class, race, and ability issues. :)

  7. yami wrote:

    Class, race, trans, ability, etc., and Pluto gossip issues, yes? Not to mention Canadian non-sovereignty issues, which are also very important.

  8. Lab Lemming wrote:

    I had no idea that Pluto used to be a Canadian woman.

  9. Rasmus wrote:

    As a representative of the Danish people, I would like to offer, on behalf of all Danes, a huge thank you for your unwavering support. It is important to us that you like our beer. Oh, and that that island is ours. It is after all Hans Island. And Hans is a very common Danish name. Not so in Canada, eh?

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