Block, Writer’s

There are still blog entries floating around in my head, but I don’t seem to have the requisite oomph to type them. My research productivity is inching slightly upward, though. Slowly. Slooooow-ly. The pace of science occasionally drives me bonkers.

The used (“vintage”) clothing store (“boutique”) and hair-cuttery (“salon”) down the block from my house has a back-to-school display in the window, with a big teddy bear in a desk, and a bunch of brightly colored composition books for subjects like “Shopping 101”, “Boys 101”, and “Home Ec”. Le sigh. If I only had a brightly-colored calculus textbook to spare, I would engage in some light feminist guerilla work.

I found a scrap of sexist fabric in a free pile today. It’s printed with little cartoon advice about landing a husband – a woman with a net chasing after a man with a ring, showing how much she loves housework, acting bashful, not being too sexy, that sort of thing. There’s slightly less than a handkerchief’s worth, and vignetting the cartoons would be possible but rather tricky. What should I make?


  1. Corinne wrote:

    Hmmm. Lovely — do you have a torn pair of jeans that could use a patch?

  2. ruth wrote:

    What a “charming” fabric. Pot holder? Applique the cartoons onto a chef’s apron? necktie? sweat band?

  3. Rew wrote:

    Yeah, I get that way about my blog too. In fact, I’m that way about my blog currently!

  4. Lab Lemming wrote:

    “What should I make?”

    Go with the hankie.

  5. yami wrote:

    Hmm, it might work as a pot holder, I think I even have some weird scraps of batting laying around…

    There are very few times in my life when I don’t have jeans in need of patches, but this is one of them (and now that I say that, my favorite pair of intact pants is probably doomed).

  6. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Make a belt-sling for your rock hammer.

  7. yami wrote:

    Geophysicists don’t really have rock hammers… but ooh, ooh! Seismometer cozy!

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