Psst… Partisan Googlebomb

Pass it on! But put in some damn commentary, because otherwise Google will catch on, I think. Having a bajillion links with no other text is pretty spammerly.

That’s also why I’m only showing you the subset of the Googlebomb most relevant to my blog content (i.e., California, and people with funny names). I am not a skeezy search engine optimator, but something makes me think that taking a subset from the original list will help maintain some semblance of credibility.


  1. ruth wrote:

    Too late to influence me. I already voted. And couldn’t vote for or against anyone on your list, anyway.
    Go vote, already.

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    How can you run a googlebomb without mentioning Robert Menendez (NJ-Sen)?

    As for the original list, if you attack goodguys like Chris Shays, who will sponsor your bipartisan legislation like the Shays-Meehan act?

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