Academic Neuropharmapsychowhatsits

When I was a corporate drone, drinking too much caffeine felt like stress. I thought it was just my body gettin’ old, but no: now that I’m back in academia, an overdose of coffee feels like productivity, excitement, and falling in love.

In completely unrelated news, I bought some filters for the coffee machine in my office. Now my corner of the building smells warm and welcoming and nice.

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  1. A Blog Around The Clock on 28 Nov 2006 at 8:45 pm

    Blogrolling: G…

    Let’s keep moving down the alphabet. Let me know what is missing from this list………


  1. jim luepke wrote:

    At last – a blog about important stuff; coffee and rocks.

    I posted a reply to a Friday Rock Blog of September 26. I’m not sure if you’ll catch it that far back so I’ll also put it here.

    Looks like a feature found in Proterozoic carbonates called “molar tooth” structure. It seems to be unique to the time period and may be a proxy for early ocean-atmosphere conditions.

    Sigh, I wanted to be a Astrogeologist but thought working in the “real world” would be a better idea. Did I mention sigh?

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Can we surmise that your research does not involve micromanipulation of sub-millimeter samples by hand? For me, an overdose of coffee on grain-picking days feels like trying to stack china during an earthquake.

    p.s. Is is just me, or has there been an epidemic of trackback spam recently? I turned off my linkback section last week as a result…

  3. yami wrote:

    My research involves almost no lab work at all. At least, no lab work done by me. Alas.

    I haven’t noticed any uptick in trackback spam (other than that weird one on the last three posts, which is a legitimate blog with a software bug of some kind), but I’ve got Bad Behavior

  4. Rew wrote:

    Coffee is made of love.

  5. tuffguy wrote:

    heh. just for the record… your old job /= “corporate”. It was more a vanity company/facade for you-know-who than anything else.

    But regardless, it definitely had the ability to make whoever worked there feel drone-ish; I hear you there.

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