November Scientiae Call for Posts

The October edition of Scientiae is up at Wayfarer Scientista. Not only does this mean there are buckets of interesting things to read, it means it’s my turn to play host! Eek!

Stay calm. If the theme sucks, people can just ignore it and submit a post about whatever they’ve been thinking about lately. It will be awesome no matter what. Scientiae is always awesome. Also, the Internet loves you, because you’re very witty and clever. Smooches!

Your theme, should you choose to accept it, is talking to yourself. What does your internal monologue sound like? Is it helpful, or harmful, or a mix of both? Has your gender influenced the stories you tell yourself about what you are doing, and why it is important? What about the gender of the person you are talking to or thinking about? Do you have a little script you recite to yourself when you’d really rather be puking on someone’s shoes? What about a script for when write a recommendation letter, select nominees for an award, or other situations where your unconscious biases might come into play?

Wow, that’s a lot of question marks. Fuck it, though, they’re all fine pieces of punctuation.

Finally… the mission of Scientiae is to provide a space to share “stories of and from women in science, engineering, technology and math.” Note the “of”. The past few editions have been composed entirely of women’s voices. While I think it’s appropriate that women’s voices should dominate the conversation about women’s experiences, the job of thinking about gender in science belongs to everyone! I’d like to invite all you progressive, equality-minded men scientists to join the fun this time around.

To submit a post to the carnival, please email the URL by October 29, 17:00 Pacific Time (or, y’know, whenever it is I wind up sitting down after dinner that evening) to scientiaecarnival [aaaaat]

Do you want to fuck around with the Technorati tag? No. No you don’t.

Hey, look how well I resisted the temptation to make sarcastic remarks about the amount of time these ostensibly equality-minded men spend actually thinking about gender! Go me, I am totally fostering productive dialogue. strike-out jokes are a cheap trick, but cheap tricks built Dave Barry a career.


  1. Wayfarer Scientista wrote:

    Hey! You’ll do fine! I totally had the same worries and I still worry that no one’s read Oct because there are so few comments but I should really give everyone TIME to get through all that writing because it is rather a lot to digest in one setting. cheers!

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    What is the difference between an internal monologue and a blog?

  3. yami wrote:

    What is the difference between an internal monologue and a blog?

    Google. Though I’m sure they’re working on that.

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