• Remember: Your Scientiae posts are due on Monday! Here, again, are the theme announcement and instructions for submission. You want to write about women in science, you know you do!
  • Need a better concept of your own mortality? The second-ever edition of The Accretionary Wedge, the blog carnival for the earth sciences, covers lots of ways the Earth could kill you. (Am I totally lame for not posting about this until a week later? Maybe. But really, we’re geologists, we shouldn’t be fussed about such a nothing eyeblink.)
  • Oh hey, we’re nominating a guy for Attorney General who thinks the President is above the law! Hilarious. Now, I’ve been on a vacation from DC politics, occasioned by my jogging buddy injuring his foot so that I no longer need to get out of bed early enough to listen to Morning Edition. So my brain is foggy about dredging up appropriate background information, like who was the last Attorney General to actually believe in the rule of law? Was it Janet Reno? Does John Ashcroft count because he believed in the rule of Biblical law? Or do we have to go all the way back to Marbury v. Madison? and did this Congress ever develop a spine?


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    I thought Janet Reno set the standard for politicaly motivated cowgirl (or boy) A’sG. As far back as the 60’s, presidents were nominating their brothers for the post. Perhaps William Mitchel was untainted, but everyone since looks sus.

    I got no monologue for you this month, only an anti-PC mineralogy diatribe

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