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Open Text Book is a useful blog devoted to free (as in speech, and also as in beer) academic texts. There’s only one post filed under “Geology”, which lists two books published by the USGS – one on ground-water hydrology, the other a basic introduction to plate tectonics. The math sections are a little beefier.

I should also mention that lectures from the Earth Will Kill Us All 101 course I’m teaching-assisting this semester are freely available as podcasts. Some of the students are using these for review, which is why they’re there, but we’re clearly getting a significant number of outside listeners as well. It gives me the warm fuzzies, though I do wonder who has time for this sort of thing (people with long commutes?).


  1. Helen wrote:

    I bookedmarked the podcasts — I listen to audiobooks and the like in place of tv.

  2. Flicka Mawa wrote:

    I listen to educational podcasts during my commutes – which are on the subway too so I can really focus on what I’m hearing without worrying about driving a car into something.

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