Attn: Geoblogosphere

So how well are the earth sciences represented in the nominations for the 2007 Open Laboratory? Well. There’s some great geodesy, climate science, oceanography, and paleontology, and Chris Clarke wrote a lovely meditation on Miocene volcanism in the Sierras. And of course a there’s truly excellent post about neuroscience which totally counts because it was written by a geoblogger (*casually buffs fingernails*). But the straight-up geology and geophysics is oddly absent.

The deadline for nominating posts is December 20, but you can submit anything written after Dec. 20 2006. Why not take a moment to dig back in your archives for some good “hard rock” writing? I’d do it for you, but, uh, I have dinner plans. Here’s the submission form.

Also! Remember, remember, the next edition of The Accretionary Wedge will be held this Thursday at The Other 95%-ember. The theme is “geology and life”, and I see no reason why Accretionary Wedge treason should ever be forgot.


  1. Kim wrote:

    Ha! Great minds really do think alike, don’t they! :D

  2. kevin z wrote:

    I have received very few posts for the upcoming AW as of yet. “Dig deep” into your souls and give the blogosphere a good story about some Rocks!

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