AGU Geobloggers’ Meetup

The geoblogger meetup extravaganza is now on Monday! Which, uh, is apparently tomorrow.

At about 6:00, I plan to loiter in the lobby of Moscone West (probably nearer the stairs than the escalator), wearing my bubblegum pink backpack. I also own many silly hats, which have in the past proven useful for this sort of thing, but I think that bubblegum pink will be a sufficiently rare color at a serious convention of serious scientists that silly hats shouldn’t be necessary. If things get really desperate I’ll pull out my purple umbrella.

We have two nominations for boozing-places: The Thirsty Bear and Pacific Coast Brewing. I’ll throw in Weird Fish, because I’ve been wanting to try the food, and Toronado, because I keep hearing that it’s The bar for beer aficionados in San Francisco. The winner will be decided by consensus at the beginning of the game. If we fail to reach consensus, the winner will be decided by an unarmed fight to the death.

(If anyone wants to join late, or you’re really paranoid that we’ll leave without you, email me and I’ll give you my cell phone number.)


  1. Andrew Alden wrote:

    Hey, that was a good time! Green Gabbro, Clastic Detritus and Apparent Dip all looked great in your superhero costumes.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yeah, but I don’t think they pay you enough to wear that foam logo outfit.

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