Happy Solstice

I am basically only on board with holidays to the extent that they are about pie. Thanksgiving? An awful lot of it is about pie. National Pie Day? Oh my yes. Christmas? It’s more about cookies than about pie. This is a problem.

What's the most festive Christmas pie?

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And a few links, none of which are about pie:


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    “add responce” does not actually allow one to click the button next to the new responce (in explorer).

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Also, what is the pie connection to Talk like a pie-rate day?

    Oh. Duh. Never mind.

  3. Julian wrote:

    Now you must be certain that pie is integrated properly into Pirate Day festivities! Or have you already?

    (Also, as someone who once wrote a “geological history” of a totally fictional place in a series of children’s books based on the inconsistent maps printed in each volume of the series, I would be very interested to see writings on alternate universe geology.)

  4. des von bladet wrote:

    The traditionalest Engleesh Christmas pie is the mince pie, but the mincemeat(sic) therein is not in fact made out of meat but is in fact preserved fruits of various kinds.

    You can’t get them for love nor money here in the Netherlands, although to be scrupulously truthful I have offered neither, since I never liked them.

  5. Andrew Alden wrote:

    Misconceptions! Misconceptions!

  6. Mel wrote:

    Eggnog Meringue Pie? Please tell me you have a recipe… And if so, please share!
    As for the next Accretionary Wedge, you pick the theme, I’ll try not to forget the deadline again ;-)

  7. yami wrote:

    No recipe – I went with orange-chocolate meringue, which worked pretty well. But lemon meringue pies are just egg custards, and IME substituting booze for water doesn’t do anything bad to the chemistry. So I was thinking of nutmeg and whisky, but not sure if that would be too sweet without lemon.

  8. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Traditionally, mince pie is very Christmas, but this morning I had a delicious breakfast pie- egg, bacon, and tomato and a herb (coriander?) in a standard pastry- but the salt in the bacon makes the pastry extra yum.

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