Year in Review

Here, Have a Clip Show

  • Post I Really Wanted More Comments On: What would you name as “science world heritage” sites?Good science heritage sites should force us to consider the process of science, in addition to its results and historical characters.
  • Most Likely to Be Used as a Manifesto in 2008: Asking for a PonyYet here we are, apologizing for asserting our own desires, because there are little goblins in our heads spewing out endless variations on the theme of no, you can’t have a pony.
  • The One Post You Should Read to Understand What I’ve Been On About in 2007: Leaking from the Pipeline Againlife is just too short to fart around pretending that if you exercise just a leeeetle bit more gumption your problems will all go away
  • Best Science Post: The Spinning Dancer and the BrainIf humans had less wimpy olfactory processing, I’m sure we could figure out some bistable smell illusions, too – though as far as I know no one has tried to confuse dogs with this particular technique.
  • Best Geoscience Post: What’s the Good News of Geology?What is the message? Fund my research or San Francisco gets it?
  • Honorable Mentions: The Comic Potential of Orthogonality, I Can Has Country Back Nau Plz?

Previous clip shows: 2004, 2005. Other year-end lists are below the fold.

Most Popular Entries

… at least, if you go by number of pageviews.

  1. The Spinning Dancer and the Brain
  2. Scientiae 13Today I am happy to share with you what is inside of everybody’s heads: BRAAAAAAINS!!
  3. Look What the Discovery Channel Thinks of Female EngineersWomen are okay as engineers – as long as they are also sexbots. I’m so glad that’s settled.
  4. Galveston Bids for Darwin AwardHurricanes, though, happen several times per year and cause serious damage several times per decade, which is well within the 30-year timeframes used by planners and mortgage brokers
  5. My review of Leaving the Ivory TowerSkimming the first few chapters might be mildly cathartic if you’re trying to make sense of your own grad school experience, but I really don’t recommend plowing all the way through unless you’re intimately involved in reforming graduate education.

Most Googlicious Older Entries

Compare this to the list from summer 2006 – not much has changed.

  1. Someone Has a Crush on Me – in July, Google jiggled its algorithm and this entry suddenly became the #2 result for “who has a crush on me?”. This month, it netted me $1.68 in ad clicks.
  2. Fat-Free Half-and-Half
  3. Happy Hair Fetish – featuring quite possibly the first appearance on this blog of the artist currently known as Mr. McMoots
  4. Tara, I Hate You
  5. Gotta Pee
  6. Friday Random Nineteen – people are still looking for spies in lingerie
  7. What I Hate About Menstruating
  8. Insert “In Soviet Russia” Joke Here
  9. Someone Wants Naked Sorority Frolicking – this one was an act of deliberate Google-doping that actually worked
  10. Predicting Volcanic Eruptions Months in Advance

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