RSS Feeds for AGU Journals

The RSS reader favored by the Machead elite is now free (as in beer). So, while I was enjoying Mr. McMoots’s exceptionally craptastic home Internets connection – the kind where you would really benefit from the ability to go to a coffeeshop, download everything, and then read it offline – I thought maybe I’d stray from my old companion Bloglines, just for kicks.

NetNewsWire is pretty slick, but it lacks one killer feature: Email subscriptions. A magic button that lets you fabricate an email address, and pretend that anything sent to it is just another blog entry. Why does this matter? The American Geophysical Union is apparently still running on FORTRAN – their journals are the only ones I read that don’t offer RSS feeds for new issues*.

Dear AGU: What is wrong with you people? You are missing out on the Internet 2.0 social blog bubble pie! Or whatever it is. Also, I like getting journal updates mixed in with my blog habit.

Fortunately, there’s Mailbucket. I just made some publicly accessible RSS feeds which, Internet volente, will provide update notifications for the following journals (links will take you right to the XML files):

Update: Mailbucket is… suboptimal. It truncates long messages (goodbye, full contents to GRL!), doesn’t convert http:// addresses to hyperlinks, and there’s something funny about the line breaks. Bah, humbug.

*Wait, I lied. Stanford HighWire Press also runs on FORTRAN and mimeographs – so here’s a feed for American Journal of Science.

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