There are a number of things a gabbro can become when it metamorphoses. Among them:

  • Adding water makes serpentinite plus some other junk
  • Many major metamorphic facies are conveniently named after rocks formed by sending a chunk of mafic material down to particular temperatures and pressures:
    • amphibolite
    • greenschist
    • blueschist
    • granulite
    • eclogite

But I don’t know that any of these things make particularly good puns. Hmm.


  1. ScienceWoman wrote:

    Does this mean what my inside sources lead me to think it might mean?

  2. Ron Schott wrote:

    Does this mean that the temperature and pressure are getting to you, Yami?

  3. yami wrote:

    Yes, yes it does. And yes, yes they are.

  4. Kim wrote:

    Would congratulations be appropriate?

    (Greenschist always kind of reminds me of… well, icky things associated with winter colds.)

  5. Lab Lemming wrote:

    “Adding water makes serpentinite plus some other junk”

    Watch your Mg:Si ratio there, ma’am. Unless your gabbro is unusually olivine normative, you are more likely to end up with talc instead of serpentine. Good for baby powder, but lousy for aseismic fault zones if you want them to slide instead of tear.

  6. Harrison Brace wrote:

    Hi there

    Long time no chat! So many things have happened. Hope you’re doing well.

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