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Insect in amber. Nom nom nom.

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  • Igneous Sounds — What happens if you feed mineral powder diffraction curves into a synthesizer? You get something that’s too harmonic for your computer music composition professor’s avant garde sensibilities. More details on the process here.
  • Help Save Paleontology at Dinosaur National Monument! — Dinosaur National Monument without the fossil exhibits would be like Glacier National Park without the glac… er, wait, maybe that’s not the best analogy. Anyway, please write to the Park Service and ask them to preserve the place of paleontology in the park.
  • Bunnies Pee Red — when they’ve been eating pine needles, anyway. If they eat buckthorn they pee blue.
  • Luuuurve

  • Call for Valine-tines! — Nick Anthis at the Scientific Activist wants your nerdy love doggerel. It’s not technically a competition, but geology is obviously the most orogenous discipline there is so we should be able to win it anyway.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day from Twisty Faster — "Women’s status as a class of purchasable receptacles is never in question, of course. Valentine’s Day merely represents the dime stores’ efforts to get in on a piece of the action, the venerable exchange of shiny objects for sex."
  • They want WHAT?! — Real love means dealing with poo.
  • For Those About to Post-Doc (We Salute You) — Academic long-distance relationships do get to you, after a while.

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