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Image Hosted by First things first: Happy birthday, PZ Myers! (MOAR LOLPZ?)

Next things next: The Borg Overlords are working on a replacement for that “most active/most emailed” thing in the sidebar – one that gives more exposure to good posts from us wee little borgians, and less to gratuitous celebrity pix. The idea is to exploit engage a select portion of the readership to put favorite posts from across ScienceBlogs into a “best of” feed on

Image Hosted by Each of us in the Borg gets to pick two “Super Readers”, who will be given access to a shared account for posting links. So I’m looking for a couple of people who:

  1. Are awesome
  2. Think I am awesome
  3. Want to exercise their exciting editorial superpowers on ~3 posts/week (not necessarily mine)

If you already use, having two accounts is kind of a pain, but with a little trickery it can work OK. If you don’t already use, you can install a little bookmarklet in your browser’s toolbar that will make the process of posting slick and convenient.

There may or may not be other super club activities and perks in the future – the Powers That Be are keen on experimenting with reader involvement (see also the Page 3.14 fun poll). So… volunteers?


  1. Cherish wrote:

    I don’t know if I qualify for point number one, but maybe #2 and #3 would work. :-)

  2. Maria wrote:

    I don’t know you all that well, Cherish, but you seem awesome enough so far :)

    Any other takers?

  3. Kim wrote:

    I’ll try playing, if you’re still short a Super Reader. I haven’t played with before. (Is Web 2.0 overwhelming, or am I just getting old and senile? Um. Don’t answer that last question.) The Borg won’t do anything scary to me if I disappear into the field and don’t produce recs, though, will it?

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