What to Do with the Universe?

I was recently convinced that there are three possible fates for the universe. Sci-fi narrative fates, not bona fide cosmological ones:

  1. Nothingness
  2. Trick question! The universe never ends
  3. God
    Mr. McMoots added a fourth:

  4. Trick question! The universe never existed at all

Lazyweb, has that last one ever been done? For values of “universe” and “exist” that require an impressive degree of ontological contortion?


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    5. There is an infinte number of universes ending in all possible ways. :D

  2. Andrew Ironwood wrote:

    In the webcomic “goats”, the *entire Multiverse* is a computer simulation written by long-dead Mayan programmers [hence the 2012 Bug wherein Reality crashes] and run by an infinite number of plot-writing monkeys with reality-manipulating typewriters (but then, IIRC, the protagonists also dared God to turn into a steak, whereupon they ate Him, so YMMV [grin]…)

  3. Keith wrote:

    #4 was sorta done in Mostly Harmless, the fifth and final book in the inaccurately-named “Hitchhiker’s Trilogy”. Since the WSOGMM (Whole Sort of General Mish-Mash), of which any given infinite set of universes is simply one aspect, winks out of existence at the end, presumably taking Time with it, and thus making itself to have “never existed”.

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