A Brain Teaser

What do Emperor Hirohito, Princess Benedikte of Denmark, and Duke Ellington have in common?


  1. sbh wrote:

    Along with William Randolph Hearst, Lonnie Donnegan, and Rod McKuen?

  2. Kevin C. wrote:

    They were all born on April 29; in 1901, 1944, and 1899, respectively. (See for a celebration of the first). It’s also Henri Poincar?’s birthday (1854).

  3. Grant Canyon wrote:

    Princess Benedikte, Duke Ellington and that evil piece of shit, Hirohito, were all born on this day. The world can be thankful for the first two, and regret that the third didn’t die in infancy.

  4. HP wrote:

    1) They all have royal titles.

    2) Happy birthday, guys!

  5. MaryMactavish wrote:

    Happy birthday to all four of you. ;)

  6. Kim wrote:

    The same thing that you have in common with my (now) five-year-old!

    Happy day. :)

  7. ScienceWoman wrote:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Andrew Ironwood wrote:

    Happy Birthday!…

  9. Lab Lemmnig wrote:

    The all had better sense than to earn a PhD.

    Happy Birthday.

  10. Cherish wrote:

    Happy Birthday!

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