Another Music Meme

This one’s making the rounds again: Put your music library on shuffle. Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up. The game: Guess which songs the first lines are from! Google = cheating.

(NB: I’ve skipped over songs where the first line contains the title, songs in languages I can’t order beer in, and exceptionally mumbledy singer-songwriters.)

  1. She went upstairs to make her bed
  2. Fare thee well little lady
  3. Allez bien, je t’emmene au vent
  4. If there is a troubadour washing
  5. Kan nogen tro de ved hvordan
  6. There’s a rumor spreading all around
  7. Strange how my heart beats
  8. Cold wind on the water and rain on the road
  9. In this land of strangers
  10. Erasers impress me every day
  11. Jeg sidder lige her og gifter mig med dig
  12. What about my philosophy, MY philosophy
  13. This was a lovely place
  14. It’s a pleasure to finally meet
  15. I saw a man fall through the street at Leavenworth and Eddy
  16. Where in the hell is big blue eyes
  17. Cannot be bound
  18. Night has drawn the curtain
  19. Remember the good times that we had
  20. One day upon a Sunday morning
  21. I’m up and I can take what you give
  22. Hey little girl why you wear that dress
  23. A kid I know got frozen
  24. I went out last night to get me a bite
  25. His eyes they closed


  1. Silver Fox wrote:

    #6 Heard it through the Grapevine – ah, ah, hmmm… 4 Tops, I don’t think so… maybe…

  2. Maria wrote:

    Nope! But not a bad guess.

  3. Silver Fox wrote:

    #7 Is by Enya – I just recognized it! On your Shore?

  4. Silver Fox wrote:

    Oh, and I looked up #6, from one of my favorite albums – can’t believe I didn’t get it!! SO Wrong! (Maybe #5 and #11 from the same album?)

  5. Rew wrote:

    *steals the meme*

  6. Fisk wrote:

    Is that danish songs I see? o___o

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