Attention New York City

The chip in my head (the nice doctors at Seed installed one when I signed up for this blog) is all a-twitter. That means it’s almost time to make my way, slack-jawed and drooling with my arms groping vaguely about the space in front of me, all the way across the continent to Seed’s aboveground urban lair.

Dear readers, I know that Seed didn’t implant chips in your brains (probably), but you’re still invited to join the shambling hordes. And I, for one, welcome the opportunity to meet each and every one of you in the spicy flesh.

Saturday, August 9, at an as-yet unspecified time in the mid-afternoon and an as-yet unspecified location in Manhattan, there will be a ScienceBlogs reader shindig. To organize the as-yet unspecified snacks, activities, and swag, though, the overlords need a rough estimate of potential attendance.

So. East Coast Megalopoloids, are you interested? If you think you might make it, please comment here (or email me at the address in the left sidebar) with an estimate of the probability that you’ll actually show up.


  1. Abel Pharmboy wrote:

    You win for the best such announcement by any of your fellow Sb bloggers – makes me want to change my plans and attend just so I could meet you!

  2. Kerr wrote:

    0.021% unfortunately, but it sounds like I will be missing out on some hot zombology action!

  3. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Does this qualify as a trans-continental job search avoidance strategy?

  4. zayıflama wrote:

    I will be missing out on some hot zombology action!

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