The Sedimentary Geology of Ice Cream

IceCreamSandwich.jpg I had to finish off the series. Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. Silver Fox wrote:

    Hmm… I like the sedimentary version, too!

  2. Miles Gloriosus wrote:

    Nicely written, Maria! Haagen-Dazs will never taste the same again.

    I believe that you know a loopy fellow with a beard who lives in the Fortress of Arrogance. He’s my hero, too.

    Just in case you haven’t made his acquaintance, here’s his Web site:


  3. BrianR wrote:

    That’s a nice layered one (this one is good too) … or how ’bout some conglomerate.

  4. Maria Brumm wrote:

    I’ve actually got a craving for some oolitic ice cream today…

    Miles, indeed! It’s always fun to see who gets that reference – Dr. Science was a childhood inspiration (along with Tom Weller).

  5. Reed Braden wrote:

    Hilarious and delicious. Happy Friday!

  6. mark wrote:

    Any fossils in that?

  7. Susie wrote:

    OMG I just had an ice-cream sandwich!!! We are psychically attuned! Except you wrote this yesterday. Which means you’re clairvoyant! Or something.

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