Minarrrralogy for Pirates

Shiver me timbers, I almost forgot!

What five minerals would a pirate want to know?

  1. pyrite
  2. arrrsenopyrite
  3. arrragonite
  4. cinnabarrrr
  5. feldsparrrr


  1. MaryMactavish wrote:

    Also: GOLD.


  2. Pierce R. Butler wrote:

    Are diamonds, emerrralds, rrrubies, etc considered minerrrals?

  3. Maria Brumm wrote:

    Diamonds arrr a minerrral, matey, but emerrralds be a type of berrrrryl and rubies arrr th’ scurvy dog corrrrundum. Yar.

  4. Lockwood wrote:

    Arrrgentite! (do pirates ever say “bless you?”) Great post! Thanks for a smile!

  5. coconino wrote:

    Arrrr, matey, it is that day, isn’t it? Where’s me cabin boy?

  6. Even Stephan wrote:

    Really old rocks found in Canada
    4.28 billion years, that’s how old

  7. William wrote:

    Arrrrichalcite? Pyraaaargyrite? Marrrrcasite? Shiver me timbers of agatised wood?

    I’m trying to hard for being over a week late, sorry.

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