Happy Twinkletree, Joyous Monkey

snowcapped-berries.pngIf the sun came out, all the trees would be twinkling with ice.

Seattle has the snow chaos. It’s like one of those colds that never quite goes away, except that instead of snot, the city’s nose is dripping slush and ice. My neighborhood is tucked in behind a couple of steep hills and apparently not top on the list for the city’s 27 plows; bus service around here has been completely cancelled except for an occasional, limping #48. There’s nothing to do but loll about, drinking mug after mug of hot cocoa and building snowpersons on the porch.

I went out yesterday for the first time since the weekend snowpocalypse storm, because we were out of milk and I wanted to see if I could find any sustainable community fuzzies.

Does rolling down your car window and yelling “Yeah, we’re not gonna let this goddamned snow win, fucking snow goddamn shit motherfucker” as you fishtail past pedestrians count as a neighborly greeting?

(I’m going to attempt an Internet sabbath for Christmas – with limited exceptions for looking up hot cocktail recipes – so your comments may be stuck in moderation for a few days. If you’re jonesing for more instant gratification from your Internets during the christian holidays, well, at least you’re not a dinosaur. Happy monkey, everyone!)


  1. Chris wrote:

    Happy Monkey to you too Maria. If the sun were out here, it’d be another humid summers day :)

  2. Cyanotypo wrote:

    Good to hear that you’re surviving the snowpocalypse. I managed to flee, but even the distant southlands are unseasonably cold.

    Check out recipes for flaming tea — it sounds like an interesting holiday amusement.

    (P.S. Want a geology-related postcard?)

  3. Susie wrote:

    Happy Monkey to you, too, monkey. I mean, honey. Honkey. Whatever.

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