Line Spacing with the LaTeX Memoir Class: Why doesn’t setspace.sty work?

The LaTeX memoir class has its own way of setting the leading (line spacing) in a document. By default, it will ignore without comment any attempt you make to load in packages like setspace.sty or use commands like \linespread or \baselinestretch. Those people in all those other Google results for your problem, telling you that the answer is \doublespacing, \singlespacing? Not quite.

To invoke memoir’s native line spacing controls, use the Spacing environment:

blah, blah, blah

To use the setspace package, you need an extra line in your document preamble:


This was giving me a nasty headache, until I found this thread. There is probably more useful documentation of spacing commands in the memoir manual, but that is a huge friggin’ book; using the Spacing environment has solved my problem for now.


  1. Matthew Sparks wrote:

    Thanks very much, this was just the solution I was looking for!

  2. Daniel wrote:

    The native spacing commands in memoir are indeed in memoir’s manual. If you don’t want to use an enviroment, you can use these; they are similar to setspace’s but in camel case “to avoid any clashes”:


  3. Brian wrote:

    Bless you.

  4. Juan wrote:

    Thanks a lot to you and to commenter Daniel.

    I was about to give up my thesis.

  5. Ole wrote:

    A million thanks!!! I have been struggling with this in my dissertation for a couple hours now. You rock!

  6. Heather wrote:

    I love the interwebs, it solves my problems for me :) Was struggling with trying to pull together various crazy hacks and wondering why things were not working, now I have my lists just the way I like them :)

  7. Max wrote:

    You have all my gratitude.

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