Recipe Ideas from the Search Logs

One of the traditional indulgences of owning a blog is looking through your referral logs to giggle at how people have found your site. In addition to the usual sex, typos and WTFery (“joys and nose”?!) there are people with some food ideas in their heads:

  • lilac bitters
  • lilac bitter cocktail
  • fir needle sauve recipe
  • blackberry floating pie
  • unripe blackberry pie
  • mcdonalds durian pie
  • oregon grape and cardamom jelly
  • locust egg soup

It’s unclear whether the fir needle search was a misspelling of Saveur (did they ever feature a fir needle recipe?) or a reference to the town of Sauve in the south of France or something else entirely… but using fir needles in herbes de Provence seems like a completely reasonable thing to do.

Pretty sure a floating pie would be more of an engineering project than I want to take on though.


  1. erica wrote:

    OMG I scanned the post before reading the intro and was wondering my head off about that “floating pie” figuring it was some kind of culinary thing I don’t know about before I read it was about search strings. Tee hee.

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