Pictures of Ducks

This page is part of an ongoing series, in which I collect the most-searched-for pictures in my old photoblog into thematic groups for your convenience. Who knew the Internet was so starved for pictures of rubber duckies?

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Rubber Ducks

Lots of rubber ducks, floating in a kiddie pool at a carnival

Ducks Mating

Everyone likes amateur duck porn!
Horny duck couple, drake and hen Ducks mating in a pond Two ducks mating in water A female duck splashing

Most birds lack penises, and mate by way of a "cloacal kiss", but ducks in fact do have penises - and in some species, they're quite large. Check out these pictures of a canvasback duck's reproductive system, and this fact sheet on the mating habits of mallard ducks.


A chicken in a duck in a turkey, roasted for a full day in a low-temperature oven - yum. An uncooked turducken

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