The Name Confluxer (a random name generator)

In the course of my random wanderings, I came across the language confluxer, a script designed to create vocabulary for new artificial languages by mashing up lists of words from existing ones. It was too amusing to resist; I turned it into a CGI program, compiled a few entertaining lists, and blam! instant toy.

How it Works

The script takes a list of words and associates every pair of letters with the letters known to follow that pair. It then chooses a letter-pair from the beginning of a word, adds one of the letters associated with that pair, and keeps going until reaching a space or the maximum word length.

Generate Names

Choose your input data:

the 1000 most popular names for American babies born between 1900 and 1909 (male and female)
Biblical names
wacky Utah names (from the Utah Baby Namer)
Polynesian islands
names of organic compounds

Minimum name length:
Maximum name length: