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No such thing as a typical Friday night Blog contains song lyrics Professional porn model photos Gratuitous cleavage shot Half-naked bathroom mirror pic
Username contains birth year Blog contains bad poetry Tattoo close-up Firespinning pic Couldn't live without... friends, family
Message me... if you want to Blogs answer to match question, without adding any commentary FREE
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Widow(er) with children seeks good Christian partner to share life, bank account information I'm a geek/nerd/dork
Perv stache 'I'm Sorry' journal entry I hate/am no good at self-summaries Couldn't live without... air, water, food Picture includes bondage gear / sex toys
Ask me anything you want to know The first thing people notice... you tell me! I'm a contradiction! Most Private Thing... if I told you, it wouldn't be private! Meyers-Briggs personality type