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I'm a geek/nerd/dork Blogs answer to match question, without adding any commentary Ask me anything you want to know Summary contains username 'for Quickmatchers' Message me... if you want to
I spend a lot of time thinking about... sex The first thing people notice... you tell me! Perv stache Meyers-Briggs personality type Adjectives: geeky
I'm really good at... sex Most Private Thing... you'll have to ask! FREE
like the site
Couldn't live without... air, water, food Blog contains song lyrics
Username includes 69, hott, lick, or sexy Foreign language profile explains that they do not speak the language very well Journal entry whining about people who don't respond to messages Tattoo close-up Misuse of 'your' IN USERNAME
Profile adjectives make a complete sentence Blog contains bad poetry Only here for the quizzes Message me if... you've made it this far Username contains birth year