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I live in Seattle with a cat, 2.5 bicycles, and a shadowy, mysterious man-partner.

My very first memory as a human being is of a field of violets, which my mother and I were picking for syrup. I have what you might call a strong gathering instinct, which I’ve been acting on with various degrees of success and seriousness throughout my life. But I primarily think of foraging as a hobby, not a lifestyle or a philosophical commitment, and most of what I’ve been writing lately is aimed at fellow hobbyists.

I’ve had this blog for more than a decade so there’s a lot of different stuff in the archives. I’m a geoscience Ph.D. dropout and used to be a semiserious amateur science blogger; many of the science posts were first published at ScienceBlogs. Now I have a pleasant, unrelated day job which is more difficult to make interesting to outsiders.

Opinions expressed on this blog are not those of anyone but the post author. They may not even be those of the author – I’ve changed my mind about lots of things since I was 20.

(the blogger formerly pseudonymed, although perhaps not widely known, as Yami McMoots)

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