Recently Spammed

This is a cheap ripoff of Nick Momrik’s recent comments plugin. Instead of listing recently published comments, it lists recent comments that have been flagged as spam.

Download: version 1.0


  1. Upload recently-spammed.php to your plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Edit your template file(s). Place the following function call where you want the list to appear:

    recently_spammed($no_comments, $comment_length, $before, $after, $show_pass_post, $comment_style)

    $no_comments – sets the number of recent comments to display. Default: 5
    $comment_length – the number of words to display as a comment excerpt. Default: 15
    $before – text to be displayed before the link to the recent comment. Default: <li>
    $after – text to be displayed after the link to the recent comment. Default: </li>
    $show_pass_post – whether to display comments from password protected posts. Default: false
    $comment_style – sets the style of comment to be used
    1 (default) = PostTitle, with a link to the post.
    0 = CommenterName: $comment_length worth of the comment. Be careful with this, as it doesn’t filter out unlinked URLs from comments.