no hate mail yet

Yeah! the server’s back up! Now I have an excuse not to sleep.

I have: thrown together a quick biography and a links page, and joined the Amazon associates program, which makes me feel a bit like a whore. On the other hand, it gives me the right to grab album cover graphics, and if I’m still doing this in 10 years I might have earned the minimum amount to get a gift certificate. I’ve gotten real Internet-People® to drop by and sign the guestbook. I have not gotten any hate mail yet, perhaps I should be more controversial and tell people how much I like genetically modified überbeans for breakfast, they’re delicious! Or perhaps I should interpret “ADD 4 INCHES TO YOUR DICK” as some kind of misogynist threat.

Anyway. I have to be awake before noon tomorrow, to drive to Ames for my aunt’s baby shower and moving extravaganza, so I’ll spare you all the random commentary on porn spam. Perhaps when I’m more awake I’ll choose to write a nice book review instead.

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