train tracks

The train tracks along Øster Voldgade are beautiful when empty, running between concrete walls covered in fading graffiti and home to a small brigade of little green weeds. I almost feel bad that they run trains through the place; it completely ruins the effect. One of the most underestimated features of the United States is the extensive network of gorgeous abandoned rotting railroad tracks…mmm, kudzu.

Even after a month of hacking away on these funny new keyboards, I still am constantly typing øo instead of ø, and åa instead of å. Multi-keystroke control sequences are more than just convenient ways of accessing an international character set; they’re a way of life.

Incidentally, whatever some people might say, I am not shadowy. I am entirely sweetness and light. This is not at all incompatible with an occasional need to (metaphorically speaking; I’m actually a pacifist) beat the crap out of people – a single episode of the Powerpuff Girls should be proof of that. Or better yet, ‘Powerpuff Pigerne’ – like most things, it’s funnier in Danish.

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