One of the things Netscape 4.x is good for: browsing gopherspace. Back in the day, of course, I didn’t own a modem and so much of the nostalgic internet thrills are lost to me – but for some reason, gopher makes my knees go all jiggly. And do you realize how easy it would be to write a blog for gopher?

When I’m back with my zippyfast dorm connection, I might have to start running my own gopher daemon. Meanwhile, here are all the gopher servers in the world! WHEEE!


  1. Eduo wrote:

    You know. These late days I’ve been thinking of setting up a plugin for wordpress that serves the content as a gopher site, just to see if it’s doable. I have yet to find anyone that’s done this but it’d be cool, especially with the sudden interest in Gopher in sites like and others.

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