My Boots Keep Me

There is an important accessory to college life, and that is the Boy Whose Sister Makes Music. When you have one of those around, good things happen, like incredible musicians coming to play in the lounge where you do homework so you don’t have to pay any money or even move to hear them. So on Thursday night between sets, we all bought shiny new Noe Venable CDs and for the past three days her voice has been leaking out of rooms, through closets and cupboards, ventilation, plumbing, secret conduits of all kinds.

It’s a good voice. If you’ve never heard it, you should spend some money on a shiny new CD for yourself. If you need a target demographic, it’s the kind of shiny new CD that would open for an ani difranco concert. It’s definitely a super bonus good change from the usual subwoofer études. But I’m starting to see (hallucinate, maybe, but maybe not!) people tilting their heads in unison, eating in rhythm, and other signs of zombie singer-songwriter mind meld. It’s creepy.


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