Liminal Kangaroo Courts

Analogies of the form “blogging is like conversation” or “blogging is like journalism” are seldom of interest to me unless they also include comparisons to kangaroos, tree frogs, or inside-out space zebras – and Turbulent Velvet’s letter analysis is no exception. On a tangent, though, he brings up the notion of liminal space between public and private discourse, space which was formerly occupied by legions of letter-writers and is now filled with the tin-roof shantytowns of Blogistan.

I had a half-formed post on the screen, describing my residence in that liminal space and how I’m beginning to like it, but then I realized it was all bollocks. I’m just confusing shyness with snobbery – I don’t want a small permeable circle of internet friends, I want a large flowing crowd of admirers who are demonstrably sparkling and witty.

Which is too bad, because the post was shaping up to be rather interesting, as far as meta-posts go, chock full of interaction between design elements, syntactical counter-subtexts and crap like that. I was even going to use the word aporia.

Fate just hates it when I’m pretentious.

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