Loving for Jesus Years

It is wrong for people my age to be getting married. Conservatively religious people seem to be an exception to the rule, though, and since it can’t be because they’re not people, it must be that they age differently than us liberal folk. The theology presented at Jane’s wedding didn’t touch on that, unfortunately, so I’m left in the murk on how exactly to translate between “Jesus years” and normal time.

As for the theology that was presented: every time I hear that bit about husbands being the heads of their wives, I picture little tiny men standing on mannequin-style necks, waving their arms and squeaking out Falwell-style cliches. And I’ve never figured out just where the wife’s head goes in the picture – packed away in a closet, maybe.

Regardless: those two kids on the altar were glowing so brightly they made my eyes water. Their love and happiness is contagious, and I wish them all the best.

*throws rice*


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