Snekaos i L.A.?

It’s time once again to bring the joys of snow to poor inner-city children and city councilpersons:

Last time, Reyes and his staff tried to make their own [snowman], but it turned into a disaster because none of the Southern Californians knew how to build one, said Reyes spokesman Tony Perez.

“We don’t have a lot of experience with the snow,” said Perez, who added that he has never actually seen it fall from the sky.

Sir! If you cannot build a snowman from first principles, you are clearly unfit to run the city. I suggest a sabbatical in Sweden or Minnesota.


  1. des wrote:

    Not “knowing” how to build a snögubba? That’s a hefty blow to any doctrine of innate ideas, for sure. Can such things really be?

  2. des wrote:

    Beg pardon, that’s en snögubbe, två (eller många) snögubbar.

  3. yami wrote:

    Mange, mange snemennesker, selvfølgelig!
    But, erm, how does one properly danskify “gubbar”?

  4. des wrote:

    Dunno. “Gubbe” means “old geezer” in Swedish, and is the idiomatic thing to make out of snö. Where are the native informants when you need them?

  5. Birgitte wrote:

    Det hedder ’snemand’ på dansk.

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