Someone Flails Wildly

I must say, I missed the spout box while it was gone. But the misplaced search queries do make me wonder:


growth of mung beans

Mung beans make our distancewise ions live forever! Actually, that four-armed octopus thing looks like a good candidate for the stuffed octopus technique.

what kind of color of carpet do you prefer and would you prefer a carpet layer or a carpet cleaner and can you give a good reason?

Is “woodgrain” a kind of color? Or is that just a category error perpetuated by the designers of mid-70s suburban dens? In any case I think the attempt to simulate hardwood flooring in such a low-resolution medium as carpet would be highly entertaining, particularly if it was done in an obviously non-wood color like red or grey. As to carpet layers and cleaners: a carpet layer is a person, while a carpet cleaner is a whirry suds machine (perhaps this was a person, too, at one point?). With carpet layers, one is locked in to one of two established cultural narratives, depending on seaon: the crude blue-collar worker, or the mysteriously shirtless college boy on summer break. I’m a fan of whirling steam machines that emit vaguely disturbing chemicals, but hey, machines can’t do everything. Next question?

Index of Rocks

Check your local petrology text. Repeat after me, LI-BERRIES!


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